News and Events

Launching SESLHD Patient Safety Program

Patient Safety Program (Internal Staff Only)


An Expression of Interest is out now for wards within SESLHD to nominate themselves to be part of the very first LHD lead Patient Safety Program. The aim of the program is to reduce harm within SESLHD by 30% and increase the reliability of care to 95%. This will be achieved using the Breakthrough Collaborative model. If you would like more information about participating in the Patient Safety Program please contact the iihub ( . Very excitingly, Jason Leitch, Quality Improvement Fellow, The Health Foundation will be in Sydney to launch our program on 3 May this year!

Change Day 2016

Quality Improvement Hub NHS

SESLHD celebrated Change Day for the second year running on March 16. Change Day is an international social movement that is a call to action for employees across the health and community services industries to make a pledge that will lead to a positive outcome for themselves, their workplace and/or the broader healthcare system. The number of pledges made by SESLHD staff on the day is not yet confirmed, but sources within our hospitals report numbers upwards of 2000 pledges. That is some serious groundswell for positive change! The overwhelming enthusiasm for the day was felt right across our District.

The Inspiring Ideas Challenge (TIIC) presentation day

Quality Improvement Hub NHS

The inaugural Inspiring Ideas Challenge (TIIC) event was held with great success on Thursday 10 March 2016. 12 nervous teams presented their bright ideas to an expert panel. The innovation on display was very inspiring and the judges had a hard time deciding which projects would be funded. At the end of the day, four projects were funded on the spot. Further meetings are now underway to determine which additional projects can be funded either in part or in full. Congratulations to the winners! We look forward to watching these ideas grow into innovations.

Bronze Level Improvement Coaches Trained

Quality Improvement Hub NHS

On Friday 4 March 2016, 44 staff from across SESLHD trained to be Bronze Level Improvement Coaches. Through undertaking this training, these staff members have committed to supporting their colleagues in their improvement work on a day to day basis. If you’d like some support with one of your improvement projects and you’d like to be connected to an Bronze Improvement Coach, please get in touch with the iihub (

The Scottish Quality Improvement Hub visits SESLHD

Quality Improvement Hub NHS

During the week of 9-14 November, three experts from the Scottish Quality Improvement Hub  visited South Eastern Sydney Local Health District to host a number of lectures and workshops on improvement and patient safety. Amongst these sessions were lectures by Dr Kevin Rooney on  global trends in patient safety in Intensive Care Units and development of educational curricular to support safety and improvement. SESLHD invited four other partners Local Health Districts and the Clinical Excellence Commission to join for a two day workshop on the review of current state and design of a Patient Safety Collaborative. Work is now underway to partner with the Clinical Excellence Commission to pursue a Patient Safety Collaborative.

Half Day Improvement Workshop a success


On Friday 16 September, 60 SESLHD staff attended an in-house half day Improvement Workshop.  The  participants reported most enjoying learning about rapid testing, driver diagrams and building a culture of quality and safety. Feedback also suggested  that next time the workshop should be a full day.

SESLHD Improvement Manager, Maria Jessing becomes an Improvement Adviser

Improvement Adviser

Maria Jessing, SESLHD Improvement Manager was selected by the Chief Executive to become SESLHD’s first Improvement Expert trained by the world renowned Institute for Health Improvement. During November, Maria attended the first of three week long sessions in Boston USA. Maria will be a fully qualified Improvement Advisor by July next year.