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Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Title Document No. Last Reviewed
Adult Emergency Nurse Protocols
Acute Spinal Cord Injury of the Adult - Management & Referral Procedure SESLHDPR/291 June 2016
Alteplase (Recombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator) in Adult Acute Ischaemic Stroke - management of SESLHDPR/236 Under Review
Cervical Collars for Suspected Cervical Spine Injury in the Emergency Department SESLHDGL/056 Under Review
Clinical Pathway Guideline SESLHDGL/037 Apr 2018
Critical care bed management procedure SESLHDPR/228 Oct 2015
Framework for Emergency Nurse Protocols and Standing Orders SESLHDPR/369 May 2018
ICU / HDU Adult Admission Criteria SESLHDPR/562 July 2017
Management of Patients Suspected of Concealing Drugs Internally SESLHDPR/361 Under Review
Organ and tissue donation - after brain death SESLHDPR/231 Mar 2017
Organ and Tissue Donation after Circulatory Death SESLHDPR/530 Dec 2016
Norfolk Island Health and Residential Aged Care Service (NIHRACS) and South Eastern Sydney Local Health District Complex Patient Transfer Pathway SESLHDPR/596 Nov 2017
Restraint - use of (adult patients) PD 111 Sept 2010
Shared Care for adult patients admitted through the Emergency Department (not including acute Mental Health patients) PD 205 Nov 2008
St George Hospital Trauma Hotline Use and Referral Procedure SESLHDPR/381 Nov 2016
Tracheostomy Clinical Management Procedures for Adult Inpatients SESLHDPR/298  Aug 2017
Volunteers in the Emergency Department SESLHPD/264 Apr 2018
Wound - antiseptic dressing policy SESLHDPD/146 Sept 2017
Wound - assessment and management SESLHDPR/297 Apr 2014
Wound - Compression Therapy   SESLHDPR/398 May 2018
Wound - Clinical Digital Photography SESLHDPR/285 Jun 2014
Wound Management - managing pain at dressing change PD 275 May 2010
Wound - Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) SESLHNPD/136 Dec 2015