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Surgery, Perioperative and Anaesthetic Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Title Document No. Last Reviewed
Acute Pain Management in the Post Anaesthetic Care Unit: Intravenous Opioid Pain Protocol for Adults Fentanyl, HYDROmorphone, Morphine and Oxycodone SESLHDPR/501 April 2018
Acute Spinal Cord Injury of the Adult – Management & Referral Procedure SESLHDPR/291 June 2016
Administration of Urokinase in Specific Clinical Areas SESLHDGL/038 Under Review
Advanced Recovery Orthopaedic Program (AROP) Anaesthetic Guideline SESLHDGL/059 Feb 2018
Clinical Pathway Guideline SESLHDGL/037 Apr 2018
Correct Identification of Medication and Solutions for Regional Anaesthetic Procedures SESLHDPR/242 June 2018
Management of Elective Surgery Waiting Lists SESLHDBR/004 Nov 2016
Electronic Intraoperative Health Care Record - Responsibility and Accountability SESLHDPD/164 Apr 2018
Leech Therapy Guideline SESLHDGL/035 April 2015
Management of Surgical Plume in the Perioperative Environment SESLHDPR/301 Nov 2016
Medicine: Intraoperative medications - managing SESLHDPR/209 Mar 2014
Nursing Observation for Total and Completion Thyroidectomy SESLHDGL/046 Nov 2016
Operating Suite - Ensuring that only duly authorised persons are able to enter SESLHD Operating Suites SESLHDPR/207 Under Review
Opioid Withdrawal in Patients on Long Term Opioid Medications SESLHDPR/603 June 2018
Pain management - Epidural Analgesia - Continuous Infusion (Adult) SESLHDPR/324 October 2016
Pain management - Implantable Intrathecal Drug Delivery System SESLHDPR/294 Dec2016
Postoperative Mobilisation Guideline SESLHDGL/061 Dec 2017
Pre-Operative/Procedural Fasting for Patients Undergoing Anaesthesia SESLHDGL/062 Jan 2018
Ketamine Infusions for adult patients with acute and chronic non malignant pain SESLHDPR/371 Mar 2017
Pain Management - Methoxyflurane Inhaler for Adult Patients SESLHDPR/325 Oct 2016
Regional Analgesia - Continuous Peripheral Nerve Block SESLHDPR/372 June 2018
Performance Qualification (Requalification) of Pre-Vacuum Steam Sterilisers SESLHDPR/409 May 2016
SESLHD Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU) Discharge Guidelines, Post-Operative Adult and Maternity Patients. SESLHDGL/049 Oct 2017
Wound - antiseptic dressing policy SESLHDPD/146 Sept 2017
Wound - assessment and management SESLHDPR/297 Oct 2015
Wound Care - Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) Procedure SESLHDPR/205 Dec 2017
Wound - Compression Therapy   SESLHDPR/398  May 2018
Wound - Clinical Digital Photography SESLHDPR/285 Jun 2014
Wound - Debridement SESLHDPR/348 June 2015
Wound - Managing Pain at Dressing Change SESLHDPR/437 Dec 2017
Wound - Management of Hypergranulation Tissue SESLHDPR/400 Nov 2015
Wound Management - managing pain at dressing change SESLHDPR/437 Nov 2015
Wound - Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) SESLHNPD/136 Dec 2015
Wound – Skin Assessment and Care/Management SESLHDPR/547 Mar 2017