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Women and Babies Health Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Title Document No. Last Reviewed
Assisted Vaginal Birth Guideline SESLHDGL/050 Feb 2017
Birth alerts - at risk unborn babies SESLHDPR/373  Oct 2017
Clinical Pathway Guideline SESLHDGL/037 Apr 2018
Support for breastfeeding employees in SESLHD SESLHDPR413 June 2015
Breastfeeding Women: Support In Non-Maternity Facilities In SESLHD SESLHDPD/251 Mar 2013
Credentialing Process for Junior Medical Officers in Obstetric Procedures SESLHDPR/399 Feb 2015
Domperidone for treatment of low breastmilk supply SESLHDPD/287 Mar 2016
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) Management SESLHDPD/282 Dec 2014
Infant Massage and Appropriate Use of Oil GL 004 Jan 2010
Intrapartum Intermittent Auscultation (IA) SESLHDPR/580   May 2017
Management of Pre-Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy Policy SESLHDPD/283 Dec 2014
Mastitis (Lactational) Treatment SESLHDPR/352 Under Review
Maternity-Clinical Advice Provision and Completion of Telephone Enquiry Record SESLHNPR/295 Feb 2014
Maternity Services Clinical Escalation Policy SESLHDPD/273 Sept 2016
Neonatal Observations Following Assisted Vaginal Birth SESLHNPR/414 Oct 2015
Nursing and Midwifery registration SESLHDPD/030 Apr 2018
Paediatric Policies - Use in SESLHD SESLHDGL/064 May 2018
Referral to the Coroner for mothers and babies SESLHDBR/007 Nov 2012
Rooming in for Healthy Babies SESLHNPD/158 Sept 2016
Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) Medical Protocol
Note: This form was developed by NSW Ministry of Health and should be used in conjunction with the NSW Ministry of Health Policy Directive Child Wellbeing and Child Protection Policies and Procedures for NSW Health PD2013_007
Time Critical In-Utero Transfers of Women at Borderline Gestation within SESLHD SESLHDPD/302 Dec 2017
Universal Health Home Visiting SESLHDPR/309 Jan 2017
Vaccination - Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis for post natal women SESLHDPD/279  Sept 2014
Well Women's Health Program Activities, Interventions and Resources Handbook SESLHDHB/017 Apr 2014
Women who choose to refuse recommended monitoring and treatment in Maternity Services in SESLHD SESLHDPR/482 Nov 2015
Wound Care - Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) Procedure SESLHDPR/205 Dec 2017