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A - Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

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Title Document No. Last Reviewed
Abbreviations - see Clinical abbreviations    
Accountable Medication Management in Drug and Alcohol Services SESLHDBR/077 Aug 2017
Acetylcysteine IV in Acute Paracetamol Overdose SESLHDPR/566 Aug 2016
Acute Patient Flow and Sustainable Access Management for MH SESLHDGL/022 Jan 2013
Acute Spinal Cord Injury of the Adult – Management & Referral Procedure SESLHDPR/291 June 2016
Acute Pain Management in the Post Anaesthetic Care Unit: Intravenous Opioid Pain Protocol for Adults Fentanyl, HYDROmorphone, Morphine and Oxycodone SESLHDPR/501 April 2018
Adenosine Protocol – Antiarrhythmic SESLHDPR/583 June 2017
Administration of a formulation of a medication other than that ordered within an electronic medication management system SESLHDBR/082 Jan 2018
Advanced Recovery Orthopaedic Program (AROP) Anaesthetic Guideline SESLHDGL/059 Feb 2018
Agency Staff Recruitment SESLHDPR/441 Feb 2018
Aggression Universal Precautions (AUP)


Under Review

Sept 2014
Alcohol - Ambulatory Management of Alcohol Withdrawal SESLHDBR/44 Sept 2014
Alcohol - Inpatient Management of withdrawal procedure SESLHDPR/238 Mar 2017
Food Allergy - Management of High Risk Patients SESLHDPD/297 Jan 2017
Honorary Allied Health Appointments SESLHDPD/301 May 2018
Allied Health Clinical supervision guidelines SESLHDGL/016 Sept 2017
Allied Health Registration/Enrolment/Authority to Practise SESLHDPD/191 Sept 2017
Allied Health - Registered Allied Health Professions with conditions - management of SESLHDBR/074 Aug 2017
Alteplase (Recombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator) in Adult Acute Ischaemic Stroke – management of SESLHDPR/236 Under Review
Anaesthetic - Regional Anaesthesia - Correct Identification of Medication and Solutions SESLHDPR/242 Mar 2013
Pain management - Epidural Analgesia - Continuous Infusion (Adult) SESLHDPR/324 October 2016
Analgesia - regional - continuous infusion SESLHDPR/372 Under Review
Annual Leave and Excessive Annual Leave (EAL) Management SESLHDPR/436 Dec 2015
Anaphlaxis Emergency management for health professionals No number – not a District document  
CEC anticoagulant guideline No number – not a District document  
Heparin - Anticoagulation with Intravenous Heparin Sodium Infusion (Adults)
SESLHDPR/402 Apr 2018
Antimicrobial Stewardship Policy SESLHDPD/137 Jan 2018
Antiseptics and Disinfectants SESLHDPR/354 July 2015
Apixaban SESLHDPR/588 July 2017
Appointment and credentialing - Senior Medical and Dental Practitioners - Delineation of Scope of Clinical Practice SESLHDPD/289 Nov 2015
Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO): Health staff's responsibilities in protecting patients PD 206 Nov 2008
Approval to Submit a Research Grant Application to be Administered through an External Agency SESLHDBR/013 Under Review
Arranging Accommodation in Residential Aged Care Facilities SESLHDPR/265 Nov 2015
Asbestos Management Procedure SESLHDPR/314 Nov 2017
Aseptic Technique SESLHDPD/271 Aug 2015

Appointment of Honorary Research Associate Procedure

SESLHDPR/247 Under Review
Assessment and Documentation to Verify Death -  Palliative Care Community Nurses SESLHDPR/492 Apr 2016
Performance and Accountability Framework SESLHDHB/023 Aug 2016
Pre-Operative/Procedural Fasting for Patients Undergoing Anaesthesia SESLHDGL/062 Jan 2018