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B - Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

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Title Document No. Last Reviewed
Name Badges SESLHDPR/233 Oct 2017
Basic Life Support Flowchart - Australian Resuscitation Council  
Basic Life Support - Theoretical guidelines for training and assessment (Paediatric)   Feb 2010
Bedrails adult inpatient use SESLHDPR421 Under Review
Biomedical equipment - evaluation of PD 028 Under Review
Biomedical equipment - testing, tagging and labelling PD 026 Under Review
Biomedical equipment - procurement, loan or rental of PD 029 Under Review
Birth Alerts – At Risk Unborn Babies SESLHDPR/373  Jan 2017
Blood and body substance spills SESLHDPR/364 Under Review
Neonatal Removal of Blood and Body Substance SESLHDPR/358 May 2017
Support for breastfeeding employees in SESLHD SESLHDPR413 June 2015
Breastfeeding Women: Support In Non-Maternity Facilities In SESLHD SESLHDPD/251 Mar 2013
Domperidone for treatment of low breastmilk supply SESLHDPD/287 Mar 2016
Building-plants and equipment: planned preventive maintenance PD 104 Sept 2006
Buprenorphine – Management of missed consecutive doses: Methadone and Buprenorphine/ Buprenorphine – Naloxone SESLHDPR/411 June 2016
Use of Bar-code Scanning within the Dispensing Process in SESLHD Pharmacy Department SESLHDBR/078 Aug 2017