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E - Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

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Title Document No. Last Reviewed
Electrical devices - patients use of personal, electrical devices SESLHDPD/290 Oct 2015
Electronic Intraoperative Health Care Record - Responsibility and Accountability SESLHDPD/164 Apr 2018
Electronic Signatures SESLHDPR/417 May 2015
Emergency Management Policy SESLHDPD/265 Under Review
Empagliflozin for Type 2 Diabetes SESLHDPR/599 Under Review
Enterprise-wide Risk Management System - ERMS SESLHDPR/304

Nov 2015

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – Information and Access SESLHDPR/416 Apr 2016
Pain management - Epidural Analgesia - Continuous Infusion (Adult) SESLHDPR/324 October 2016
Escalation Process and Expectations of Patient Flow Coordinators, After Hours Nurse Managers and District Executive Officers On-Call for SESLHD SESLHDPR/410 Under Review
eviQ Cancer Treatments online - use of SESLHDPD/276 Sept 2014
Excessive Patient Registration User Errors – Patient Administration System (PAS) Procedure SESLHDPR/225 Under Review
Evolocumab for familial hypercholesterolaemia SESLHDPR/594 Aug 2017
eMR – Managing Secure Organisation Access with Cerner eMR SESLHDPR/510 October 2016
eMR - Managing Chart Access Audits in Cerner eMR SESLHDPR/522 Jan 2018
Single Document Capture in eMR: Scanning and Importing Documents SESLHDPR/513 Dec 2016
Student documentation within Cerner eMR SESLHDPR/509 Dec 2016