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F - Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

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Title Document No. Last Reviewed
Administration of a formulation of a medication other than that ordered within an electronic medication management system SESLHDBR/082 Jan 2018
Care Champions for Falls Prevention: Key Roles and Standards SESLHDGL/057 Dec 2017
Falls prevention and management for non-admitted patients SESLHDGL/044 June 2017
Falls Prevention and Management: Guideline for use of bed/chair alarm units (Adult Inpatients) SESLHDGL/054 July 2017
Falls Prevention and Management: Guideline for Designated High Risk Observation Room (Adult Inpatient) SESLHDGL/042 Apr 2017
Falls prevention and management for people admitted to acute and sub-acute care SESLHDPR/380 Under Review
Fatigue - Preventing and Managing Work Related Fatigue SESLHDGL/031 Jul 2014
Fellows - definitions and processes of recruiting and appointing medical staff to the position class of "Fellow" PD 227 Under Review
Filming and Photography  Procedure - Non Media SESLHDPR/426 Aug 2015
Fire Safety Management SESLHDPR/431 Nov 2017
First aid arrangements in the workplace SESLHDPR/210 Nov 2017
Flexible work practices SESLHDPR/435 Jan 2018
Framework for Emergency Nurse Protocols and Standing Orders SESLHDPR/369 May 2018
Framework for Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Business Rules SESLHDHB/019 July 2016

Framework for Managing Nursing and Midwifery Staff with Identified Practice Issues


Apr 2016

May 2018
Fraud and Corruption Prevention Strategy SESLHDPD/267 Under Review
Frusemide use in adult chronic heart failure patients SESLHDPD/169
Under Review
May 2012
Fundraise for SESLHD - guidelines and information for staff wishing to SESLHDGL/014 Under Review
Pre-Operative/Procedural Fasting for Patients Undergoing Anaesthesia SESLHDGL/062 Jan 2018