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H - Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

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Title Document No. Last Reviewed
Clinical Handover: Implementation of ISBAR Framework and Key Standard Principles SESLHDPR/303 May 2018
Hand Hygiene, hand care and bare below the elbows SESLHDPR/343 Under Review
Hazardous Chemical Management (WHS) SESLHDPR/208 Nov 2017
Nomination and Election of Health and Safety Representatives SESLHDGL/20 Nov 2017
Hazardous Manual Task Risk Management SESLHDPR/315 Aug 2017
Universal Health Home Visiting SESLHDPR/309 Jan 2017
Health Monitoring - Occupational Health Exposures other than Infectious Diseases SESLHDPR/378 June 2016
Health Service Manager salary band - Progression SESLHDPR321 Aug 2014
SESLHD Health Plan
Health Care Record - Documentation SESLHDPR/336 Sept 2014
Health Records Disaster Management SESLHDPD/192 Feb 2018
Health Screening of Prospective Employees
SESLHDPR/370 Sept 2016
Heparin - Anticoagulation with Intravenous Heparin Sodium Infusion (Adults)
SESLHDPR/402 Apr 2018
Hepatitis B, C and HIV detection and management in patients requiring dialysis SESLHDPR/226 May 2016
Vaccination- Hepatitis A - HARP Funded Services SESLHDPR/252 July 2014
Vaccination - Hepatitis B - HARP funded services SESLHDPR/253 July 2014
HIV Testing procedure SESLHDPR/305 Sept 2014
Hybrid Health Care Record Procedure SESLHDPR/292 June 2016
HYDROmorphone SESLHDPR/584 Sept 2017