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Title Document No. Last Reviewed
Accountable Medication Management in Drug and Alcohol Services SESLHDBR/077 Aug 2017
Hazardous Manual Task Risk Management SESLHDPR/315 Aug 2017
Management of Complex Discharges / Escalation Guidelines SESLHDGL/053 Mar 2017
Confined Spaces - Management of SESLHDPR/274 Dec 2017
Management of Monoclonal Antibodies and Safe Handling SESLHDPR/368 June 2018
Management of Patients Suspected of Concealing Drugs Internally SESLHDPR/361 Under Review
Management of Scabies SESLHDPR/363 Aug 2014
Management of Surgical Plume in the Perioperative Environment SESLHDPR/301 Nov 2016
Managing for Performance SESLHDPR/415 July 2015
Managing electrical risks in the workplace SESLHDPR/268 Nov 2017
Management & Referral Procedure - Spinal Cord Acute Injury of the Adult SESLHDPR/291 June 2016
Mastitis (Lactational) Treatment SESLHDPR/352 Under Review
Maternity-Clinical Advice Provision and Completion of Telephone Enquiry Record SESLHNPR/295 Feb 2014
Maternity Services Clinical Escalation Policy SESLHDPD/273 Sept 2016
Medical Discharge Summary SESLHDPR/223 Jan 2018
Medical Practitioners - Medicare Provider numbers (site specific) SESLHDPR/224 Under Review
Medical Protocol - Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN)
Note: This form was developed by NSW Ministry of Health and should be used in conjunction with the NSW Ministry of Health Policy Directive Child Wellbeing and Child Protection Policies and Procedures for NSW Health PD2013_007
Medicare Ineligible Patients - General Fees   SESLHDPR/425 Aug 2015
Medication Administration by Enrolled Nurses SESLHDPD/160 May 2018
Medication Charts: Charting of Oral Nutrition Support SESLHDPR/317 July 2016
Medicine: Checking drug interactions in iPharmacy system SESLHDPD/284 Under Review
Medicine: Continuity of Management and Documentation SESLHDPR/267 Under review
Medicine: Drug formulary policy
Apr 2016
Mar 2017
Mar 2017
July 2017
May 2017
Sept 2017
Medicine: Frusemide use in adult chronic heart failure patients SESLHDPD/169
Under Review
May 2012
Medicine: Managing Intraoperative Medications SESLHDPR/209 Mar 2016

Medicine: Management of Refrigerated Storage of Medicines and Vaccinations in Clinical Areas

SESLHDPR/300 Jan 2018
Medicine: Off label use of registered medicines and use of unlicensed medicines SESLHDPD/182 July 2015
Medicine: Oseltamivir- emergency access to SESLHDPD/215 Under Review
Medicine: Stockley Interactions alerts display filter SESLHDBR/003 Nov 2016
Medicine: Utilising medication information from the electronic Medical Record (eMR) in the electronic Discharge Referral Summary (eDRS) for medication supply at discharge SESLHDPR/327 Dec 2017
Medicines in Hospital Inpatients - guideline for use of Complementary and Alternative SESLHDGL/021 Under Review
Meglumine Diatrizoate and Sodium Diatrizoate (Gastrografin) in Adult Adhesional Small Bowel Obstruction SESLHDPR/570 July 2016
Mental Health functional group    
Methadone - Management of missed consecutive doses: Methadone and Buprenorphine/ Buprenorphine - Naloxone SESLHDPR/411 June 2016
Mobile phone policy PD 071 Under Review
Postoperative Mobilisation Guideline SESLHDGL/061 Dec 2017
MOSAIQ - Cancer Services Information System for Electronic Medication Management - use of SESLHDPR/280 Jul 2013
Motor Vehicle Policy SESLHDPD/285 Dec 2015
Multi-Resistant Organisms (MROs) - management of SESLHNPD/107 Under Review
Opioid Withdrawal in Patients on Long Term Opioid Medications SESLHDPR/603 June 2018