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Title Document No. Last Reviewed
Name Badges SESLHDPR/233 Oct 2017
Naloxone - Management of missed consecutive doses: Methadone and Buprenorphine/ Buprenorphine - Naloxone SESLHDPR/411 June 2016
Neonatal Removal of Blood and Body Substance SESLHDPR/358 Under Review
Neonatal Observations Following Assisted Vaginal Birth SESLHNPR/414 Oct 2015
Network Storage - shared SESLHDPD/174 Aug 2012
New or altered interventional procedures, technologies or treatments - safe introduction into clinical practice SESLHDPD/286 Mar 2018
Noise Management Procedure SESLHDPR/394 Nov 2017
Noise management handbook SESLHDHB015 May 2015
Norfolk Island Health and Residential Aged Care Service (NIHRACS) and South Eastern Sydney Local Health District Complex Patient Transfer Pathway SESLHDPR/596 Nov 2017
Non-Work Related Injury or Illness Management SESLHDPR/564 Apr 2017
Notifiable Diseases: Public Health Notification   Apr 2011
Notification of Death for non-inpatients SESLHDPR/216 Sept 2015
Nursing Observation for Total and Completion Thyroidectomy SESLHDGL/046 Nov 2016
Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) SESLHDPR/494 June 2016
Nursing and Midwifery Roster Guideline SESLHDGL/030 Jun 2014
Nursing and Midwifery registration SESLHDPD/030 Apr 2018

Framework for Managing Nursing and Midwifery Staff with Identified Practice Issues


Apr 2016

Apr 2016