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Title Document No. Last Reviewed
Client and Patient Safety and Security Searching SESLHDPR/597 Apr 2018
New or altered interventional procedures, technologies or treatments – safe introduction into clinical practice SESLHDPD/286 May 2016
Procurement of Reusable Instrumentation that require Reprocessing SESLHDPR/307 Apr 2018
Safe Sedation during a clinical procedure SESLHDPR/528 Mar 2018
Safe Work Procedures - development of SESLHDPR/342 Nov 2017

Product – Clinical Product Notices, Recalls and Safety Alerts

SESLHDPR/319 Under Review
Scabies - Management of SESLHDPR/363 Under Review
Secondment of Permanent Employees SESLHDPR/428 Feb 2018
Fire Safety Management SESLHDPR/431 Nov 2017
Security staff - pre-employment screening SESLHDPR/427 Feb 2018
Separation of employment SESLHDPR/423 Mar 2018
SESLHD Health Plan
Service Continuity Policy for ICT Service Owners SESLHDPD/288 Dec 2015
Severity Assessment Code poster (SAC) - NSW Health NSW Health Nov 2005
Shared Care for adult patients admitted through the Emergency Department (not including acute Mental Health patients) SESLHDPR/206 Aug 2015
Sharps management SESLHDPR/356 Under Review
Sick Leave Management


June 2015
Sacubitril+Valsartan (Entresto®) for Systolic Heart Failure SESLHDPR/585 June 2017
Smoke Free Health Service procedure SESLHDPR/316 Jul 2014
Smoke-Free Health Service - Staff Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) Guidelines SESLHDGL/032 Under Review

Social Media Policy


Sept 2017

Sept 2017
Special Needs Dental Service (SNDS) Client Eligibility SESLHDPD/159 May 2017
Acute Spinal Cord Injury of the Adult – Management & Referral Procedure SESLHDPR/291 Apr 2014
Staff Specialists and Visiting Practitioners - Facility Fees / Licence to Occupy charges SESLHDPR/429 Aug 2015
Standardised mobility terminology for use across SESLHD SESLHDGL/047 Feb 2017

Standard and Transmission Based (Additional) Precautions with Infectious Diseases

SESLHDPR/357 Under Review
Sterilisation: Inspection, Assembly, Packaging and Wrapping of Post Cleaned Reusable Medical Devices (RMDs) SESLHDPR/306 Nov 2016
Sterilisation – Records Management SESLHDPR/514 Oct 2016
Sterilisation: Loan Sets – standards for procurement for elective procedures only SESLHDPR/249 Nov 2016
Sterilisation: Sterilisation Processes SESLHDPR/517 Aug 2016
Sterilisation: Loading and Unloading of Equipment used to Reprocess Reusable Medical Devices SESLHDPR/518 Nov 2016
Sterilisation: Cleaning of Reprocessing Equipment and the Reprocessing Facility SESLHDPR/519 Nov 2016
Sterilisation: Validation of Washer Disinfectors SESLHDPR/524 Nov 2016
Sterilisation: Handling Transport and Storage of Sterile Reusable Medical Devices SESLHDPR/525 Nov 2016
Sterilisation: Traceability of Reprocessed Reusable Medical Devices SESLHDPR/526 Nov 2016
Sterilisation: Release of Reusable Medical Devices (RMDs) after processing SESLHDPR/546 Dec 2016
Sterilisation: Routine monitoring of cleaning disinfection and sterilising processes SESLHDPR/548 Dec 2016
Sterilisation: Staff Training and Competencies SESLHDPR/527 Nov 2016
Sterilisation: Reprocessing Equipment – Preventative Maintenance SESLHDPR/503 July 2016
Sterilisation: Control of nonconforming Reusable Medical Devices (RMD) and Recall of RMDs SESLHDPR/504 July 2016
Sterilisation: Definitive Cleaning of Reusable Medical Devices and Equipment SESLHDPR/495 July 2016
StEPS - Child and Family Health Nursing Procedure - Statewide Eyesight Preschool Screening Program for visual acuity using the Sheridan Gardiner Linear Chart (SGLC) SESLHDPR/237 Apr 2013
Stroke - Alteplase (Recombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator) in Adult Acute Ischaemic Stroke – management of SESLHDPR/236 Under Review
Subcutaneous Needle Insertion and Management SESLHDPR/19 July 2015
Management of Elective Surgery Waiting Lists SESLHDBR/004 Nov 2016
Electronic Intraoperative Health Care Record - Responsibility and Accountability SESLHDPD/164 Apr 2018
Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) Medical Protocol
Note: This form was developed by NSW Ministry of Health and should be used in conjunction with the NSW Ministry of Health Policy Directive Child Wellbeing and Child Protection Policies and Procedures for NSW Health PD2013_007