Consumer Advisory Group

Video - A message from the Chair of the Consumer Advisory Group

Health consumers play a vital role in improving health services because they know what it feels like to be a patient, or to care for someone who is a patient.

St George Hospital is committed to recognising and addressing the needs and involvement of our consumers and carers in the provision and improvement of health services.  Community engagement and feedback from our communities is vital in our decision making and in the way we deliver healthcare services. 

In recognition of this, a local Community Advisory Group has been established at St George Hospital to ensure the community has a ‘voice’ in relation to public health matters.  Additionally, a Mental Health Consumer Advisory Group meets monthly to discuss consumers’ experiences in the Mental Health Service and where improvements can be made.

The St George Hospital Consumer Advisory Group meets once a month and is responsible for providing a community and consumer perspective to the St George Hospital services on behalf of their communities. The Consumer Advisory Group’s objectives are to obtain advice from the community, to raise issues and provide advice on:

  • Community perspective in determining needs, concerns and priorities on health policy, service provision, service delivery, training and education, patient information and accessibility;
  • Mechanisms for local community members, consumers and carers  to raise health issues;
  • Consumer issues within the St George Hospital service that need addressing and to collaborate with management to seek resolution of these issues;
  • Informing the community on health issues and services, and
  • Ensuring that health concerns of the broader community are represented.

Consumers are also represented on key hospital committees including the Clinical Council, the Patient Safety and Quality Committee, Patient Access and the Falls Prevention and Management Committee.

It is important that St George Hospital continues to engage with its community partners to garner their views on healthcare services and how they can be improved in the future.

If you would like to register your interest in becoming a member of the St George Consumer Advisory Group please call 9113 2901.

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