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Healthy drink and food choices in SESLHD facilities

SESLHD facilities are set to get a wider offering of healthier food and drinks as part of NSW Health’s new Healthy Choices in Health Facilities Policy Framework.  Healthy

The policy is designed to support its Make Healthy Normal Campaign and support staff and visitors by increasing the availability and choice of healthy foods and drinks in public healthcare facilities. 

Sugary drinks with no nutritional value are set to be phased out in SESLHD facilities by December 2017.  Sugar sweetened beverages will be replaced with non-sugar sweetened drinks.  Changes to food offerings in vending machines is also occurring, with a transition to an increase in healthier food choices underway.

Vending machines, cafes and catering services are all earmarked to offer more healthy options for staff and visitors.

The initial changes will be made to drink options available.  Sugar free soft drinks will still be available, along with fruit juices (99 per cent juice), flavoured milk and water.

Staff, visitors and patients can still drink sugary soft drinks in our facilities, or bring them from home, but they won’t be available to be purchased at SESLHD facilities. 

By 31 December 2018 healthy food choices will make up at least 75 per cent of the offering at SESLHD facilities.  It’s important that we follow the lead of NSW Health which is working towards a five per cent reduction in overweight and obesity rates in adults by 2020.