At the Royal Hospital for Women we are leading the delivery of affordable and accessible publicly supported IVF care as well as fertility preservation treatment for cancer patients from across NSW.



Women from anywhere in NSW can access this service and those from regional and remote areas may be eligible to access the NSW Government’s Isolated Patient Travel and Accommodation Scheme (IPTAAS) program for support with travel and accommodation costs.

We will work with you to source local providers who may be able to assist with pathology and ultrasound monitoring that is closer to your home where these services meet our testing standards.


Under this initiative patient out-of-pocket expenses for fertility treatment are substantially lower than most privately run IVF clinics.  Patients will also be able to access a $500 rebate administered through Service NSW to assist with costs of pre-IVF fertility testing.


For referrals to our affordable IVF service please use the Reproductive Medicine Referral Form.  Take this to your GP or obstetrician when you discuss your requirements.  They can complete the form and fax or email to us.


Alongside lower cost IVF treatments the Fertility & Research Centre, in partnership with UNSW Sydney, has expanded existing clinical work to provide Australia’s first dedicated state-wide fertility preservation service for cancer patients.  This service provides access to cryopreservation of sperm, ovarian tissue, eggs or embryos before the commencement of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, preserving the fertility of young people diagnosed with cancer, at no cost to the patient.


If you or your healthcare provider have any questions around access to our services we encourage you to make contact with our service either by phone (02) 9382 6666 or via email at seslhd-fertilityandresearchcentre@health.nsw.gov.au or fax (02) 9382 6638.