Clinic 180

After Hours Care

Kirketon Road's late-opening clinic offers services by appointment, including sexual health screening, treatment of sexually transmitted infections and sex worker health checks, HIV and hepatitis C testing, and treatment needle and syringe and condom distribution, social welfare advice and referral.
Clinic 180 also hosts the ACON a[TEST] clinic, which is a fast, free, and confidential rapid HIV and STI testing service for men who have sex with men, regardless of HIV status. You can book an appointment through the ACON website.

Services Available on Weekdays

2.30-5.30pm & 6.30-9pm Monday to Friday
  • Sexual health screening
  • HIV and hep C testing, hep B testing and vaccination
  • Needle syringe program
  • Condoms

Services Available on Weekends

2.30-7pm Saturday
  • Needle syringe program
  • Condoms
Don't forget to ring to book an appointment for Clinic 180.
No appointment is needed at Kirketon Road Centre.