Communities at the Centre

Communities at the Centre is an initiative in Maroubra and surrounding suburbs which aims to increase community wellbeing and reduce health inequities for residents living in areas of social housing estates.  In delivering this initiative, we are taking a strength based approach which focuses on what is strong in the community rather than what is wrong. This approach also enables local residents to drive decisions about the changes they want to see.  

Communities at the centre

The Hub @ Lexo

The Hub provides a community space in a safe and welcoming setting where people can connect with each other and lead community-driven activities.
The Hub also provides two consult rooms to improve access to a wide range of appropriate health and social services for local residents of Maroubra and the surrounding housing estates. 

Mobile outreach service

The mobile outreach service helps residents on surrounding public and social housing estates access the health and social care services and The Hub @ Lexo.

A network of community connectors

Community connectors are residents who volunteer to support and guide other residents and direct them to appropriate services and resources.

Community driven activity

Small pots of funding are available for community organisations, services and residents to build community ownership, address people’s aspirations and concerns, and enrich community life.

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District,  Randwick City Council, Department of Family and Community Services, Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network and The Deli, Women and Children’s Service. 

To find out more about the Communities at the Center initiative please contact us at:  

  • GP Clinic at The Hub @ Lexo


  • Community garden at The Hub @ Lexo


  • Cooking program at The Hub @ Lexo