Eating Disorders and Mental Health

What we do?

The Eating Disorders Coordinator supports the implementation of the SESLHD Local Service Plan for Eating Disorders. This is a district-wide role encompassing service and workforce development, as well as clinical consultation and support to health professionals and teams treating people with eating disorders in SESLHD.

What to expect?

The Eating Disorders Coordinator is able to provide the following support:

  • Consultation and advice on assessment, treatment planning and referral pathways for people with eating disorders in SESLHD.
  • Resources on the screening, assessment and treatment of eating disorders.   
  • Provision of structured training to build capacity of services in screening, assessing and treating eating disorders.


Please note that the Eating Disorder Coordinator is not able do the following:

  • Provide a crisis service
  • Undertake assessment and treatment for patients and/or families
  • Take on the role as lead clinician, case manager or care coordinator.