Family & Carer Mental Health Program (F&CMHP)

What we do?

In the SESLHD Mental Health Service, there are several Programs that support Families and Carers, and work towards improving the outcomes for consumers, their children and their families.

Family & Carer Mental Health Program (FCMHP)

The Family & Carer Mental Health Program (F&CMHP) aims to enhance the responsiveness of our mental health service to the needs of families and carers.

This enhancement includes:

  • building capability in our clinicians in family & carer inclusive practice;
  • working closely with families to support consumer and carer recovery;
  • and providing assistance and education to families & carers.

The program also aims to improve consumer health outcomes through:

  • acknowledging the crucial role of families and carers;
  • reducing barriers within the service, and
  • promoting collaboration between clinicians, consumers, families and carers.

Family Focused Recovery Framework (FFR)

Family Focused Recovery focuses on the consumer's parenting role. This Program is an expansion on the Children of Parents with a Mental Illness (COPMI) Program.

The Framework aims to improve the support to families where a parent lives with mental health issues and has dependent children.

Children of Parents with a Mental Illness (COPMI)

The COPMI Program focuses on the child's experience of a parent with mental illness. The Program works to support families where a parent lives with mental health issues and has dependent children. It includes parenting support and linking to services to support the child/children's and family's wellbeing.

Guiding Documents

SESLHDBR/030 Consumer and Carer Representation for Mental Health


Stride is our partner community managed organisation (CMO) to provide Family & Carers support. They are located in Hurstville. Stride provides:

  • Individual and group programs
  • Tailored support for family members
  • Compassion and practical advice

Carer Experience of Service (CES)

The Carer Experience of Service (CES) survey is Australia's national measure of Family & Carer experience in mental health services.  All results from electronic and paper surveys are sent anonymously to a secure database. The results are used to provide detailed feedback reports to services. These reports are provided every month, with summary reports also provided every quarter.

CES Annual Reports

Mental Health Carer Experience Survey - What carers say about NSW Mental Health Services 2020-21

The Mental Health Carer Experience Survey (CES) is a national measure that asks carers about their experience of mental health services.

The Mental Health Carer Experience Survey: What carers say about NSW Mental Health Services report summarises the feedback from carers who completed a survey since the CES was implemented in 2018. Two separate reports are available that explore consumer experiences of NSW mental health services.


Since the release of the Mental Health Carer Experience Survey (CES) in mid-2018, public mental health services in NSW have received feedback from Carers. To help with this goal, an online version of the CES (eCES) was released in October 2019. The eCES will available in 26 languages with further translations underway.

The electronic version of CES (eCES) allows Families and Carers to provide feedback via their computer, smartphone or tablet. The goal of eCES is to make the survey more easily accessible to people. The eCES model is based on the eYES (the consumer version of the survey) and follows similar access prompts.

To complete eCES your service will provide you with a code which identifies the service that has been managing the carer of your loved one. This is to make sure that your feedback is directed to the correct service. Simply enter the code number into the eCES survey prompts. If you have a smartphone with a camera you can also scan the "QR" code which will be available on postcards and posters at your service.

Completing the eCES survey takes about ten minutes. If you choose you can include some details about yourself, such as your age and gender. This helps us to tailor services to the specific needs of our Families and Carers. Please click on the button or the link below.

Home Page - Carer Experience Survey (

Like to know more?

Sarah Kelshaw, InforMH - YouTube

NSW Ministry of Health -



For any mental distress, please call the NSW Mental Health Line on 1800 011 511. If life is at risk please call Triple Zero (000) to receive immediate help.