A shout-out to Sutherland Hospital security guard: Reynaldo Aragon

Reynaldo Aragon (pictured), one of the security guards patrolling the COVID-19 Clinic at Sutherland Hospital was recently recognised for his outstanding work in the Facebook group ‘Everything Sutherland Shire’.

On the private group, which has over 58,000 members, Shire resident Suzie Bond posted: “The security guard at the door of Sutherland Hospital COVID testing is such a lovely gentleman and so kind. He really needs a shout out. Anyone feel the same???”

Comments from other local residents in response to this post were overwhelmingly positive, such as: “Yes! He is such a lovely person. Happy, calm and helpful”; “If it’s the same guy that was there about 8 weeks ago yes he was lovely. Even went inside and got chairs for those that couldn’t stand for a long period” and “Yes! I’ve been there a couple of times and he is awesome.”

Mr Aragon said it’s not hard to be nice to people: “I like to make sure everyone is comfortable and I like to make people smile. I am especially nice to the children when they come in because often they are scared, so I muck around with them to try to get them to relax.”

Katerina Volas, Director of Corporate Services at Sutherland Hospital, said Rey deserves this praise and that she’s delighted that the community feels the same.  

“Rey has wonderful people skills, and is a genuinely happy person who has a lovely effect on everyone he comes into contact with. We are so lucky to have him at Sutherland Hospital,” Ms Volas said.

Mr Aragon humbly pointed out that he was part of a bigger team, who are all incredibly caring.

“Each and every one of us in the security team at the hospital does a great job as we all have compassion,” he said.

Other Sutherland Hospital staff were not forgotten on Facebook, with many comments acknowledging the wider COVID-19 Clinic team, such as: “Yes he’s awesome!!! I was there the other day he’s so kind and friendly!!! And also a shout out to all the nursing staff and doctors there, they’re doing a fantastic job” and “Agreed and the staff there are awesome too.”   

Reynaldo Aragon