Patients and visitors, if you are concerned REACH out

The Prince of Wales Hospital is asking patients and their visitors to talk to health staff if they feel worried about the condition of a patient in hospital.

Nikita Donnelly, Clinical Nurse Consultant, says “we understand that patients and their visitors are often the first to know when their condition is getting worse. We want them to tell us so that we can work together to provide timely and high quality care.”

The REACH program is a NSW Health program which is now running at the Prince of Wales Hospital. REACH stands for ‘Recognise Engage Act Call Help is on its Way’.

Hospitals ask patients and visitors to share any concerns about the condition of the patient with a nurse or doctor. If they are still worried, they are asked to call the REACH phone number for further assistance. At the Prince of Wales Hospital, the number to call from a personal phone is 9382 2622 or from the Hospital bedside phone is 22622.

“We ask our patients and visitors to REACH out to us with their concerns, together we can make sure we can act quickly if a patient’s health is deteriorating,” said Nikita.

For more information on the REACH program, please see this brochure.

Patients and visitors, if you are concerned REACH out