Community Health Counselling Service

How we can help you

A counsellor is a health worker who you can talk to about issues and problems in your life. They can suggest ways to help you work out these problems. Sometimes just the act of talking about it makes you see solutions you didn't know were there.

The Community Health Counselling Service is a confidential and free service provided by a qualified counsellor.

It offers short term counselling (up to eight weeks). You can visit the counsellor in a private office at the Prince of Wales Hospital. If you cannot get to the hospital the counsellor may visit you at home.

Issues or problems that you might want to talk to the counsellor about are:

  • Self esteem issues (feeling bad about yourself)
  • Anxiety, worries or stress
  • Depression (feeling very sad, helpless or hopeless)
  • Family problems that upset you
  • Loss and grief
  • Managing living with a long-term health problem
  • Caring for someone with a long-term health problem
  • Something that you  have seen or heard that has caused you to be very upset or worried or sad.

Our counsellor also talks with men who are victims or survivors of abuse (sexual, physical or mental abuse).