Oncology Clinical Trials Unit

What we do

We run clinical trial and clinical research projects on prevention and treatment of cancers (with the exception of blood cancers). Blood cancer research is undertaken by our Haematology Clinical Trials Unit. We run international and national studies led by either pharmaceutical companies or Collaborative Research Groups. These are groups of researchers with overlapping interests who want to work together to develop their research programs. 

We are a public service within the Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre at the Prince of Wales Hospital.

We are a public service within the Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre at Prince of Wales Hospital. We have an experienced team and have been running research trials since 1990. 

Our Unit is staffed by a Trial Unit Manager, a Trial Site Set Up Specialist and several research nurses. Each study is managed by a Study Coordinator. Our Principle Investigators are medical specialists who are responsible for leading each study. They include:

Medical Oncology Principle Investigators:

  • Prof David Goldstein
  • Prof Michael Leonard Friedlander
  • Dr Elizabeth Jane Hovey
  • Dr Melvin Chin
  • Dr Yeh Chin Lee
  • Dr Siobhan O'Neill

Radiation Oncology Principle Investigators:

  • Prof Boon Chua
  • Prof Michael Jackson
  • Dr Stephen Thompson
  • Dr Rowena Martin
  • Dr Colin Chen
  • Dr Wenchang Wong

Palliative Care Principle Investigators:

  • Dr Helen Herz

For a current list of our clinical trials, you can download the ClinTrial Refer application via your mobile phone app store, or follow this link to the website https://www.clintrial.org.au/

Link to clinical trials app


All Clinical Trials have criteria which need to be met by a patient for them to be involved. To find a suitable trial for you look at our list of trials on the ClinTrial Refer application (described above) and discuss the criteria with your Specialist Doctor.

If your Doctor thinks you meet the criteria for the trial they will need to write you a referral letter. They should send the referral letter to Christie Norris christie.norris@health.nsw.gov.au Nurse Unit Manager Oncology Clinic Trials Unit.

They should attach relevant documents including, your medical history or test results. When we recieve the referral someone from our team will contact you to confirm your details and arrange an appointment.

Please bring:

  • Referral from your Specialist Doctor
  • Copy of test results confirming your diagnosis
  • List of previous cancer related treatments including dates
  • Any relevant scans
  • List of current medications

Important contact details

Trial Unit Manager – contact for CTRA and Budgets:

Ms Christie Norris

Phone 9382 5130

Fax 9382 5180

Email christie.norris@health.nsw.gov.au

Site Set Up Specialist

Ms Thanh Vu

Phone 9382 5120

Fax 9382 5180

Email Thi.Vu@health.nsw.gov.au


Joanne O’Brien. Senior Pharmacist – Clinical Trials

Prince of Wales Hospital, Pharmacy Department, High Street, Randwick NSW 2031

Phone 9382 2333

Fax 9382 2345

Email: Joanne.OBrien@health.nsw.gov.au

Drug delivery

Pharmacy Department

Level 2 via Loading Dock 3, Prince of Wales Hospital, High Street, Randwick NSW 2031


NSW Health Pathology

Randwick Hospital Laboratory, Randwick Campus, Level 4 Campus Centre, High Street, Randwick NSW 2031 Australia


Nuclear Medicine

Level 2, Campus Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital, Barker Street, Randwick NSW 2031 Australia

Wales CT

Medical Imaging Department, Level 0, Campus Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital, Barker Street, Randwick NSW 2031 Australia

Off site archiving

Government Records Repository, 143 O’Connell St, Kingswood NSW 2747

Ph 02 96731788 Fax 02 88055306 e-mail grr.nsw@records.nsw.gov.au

Clinical Trials Research Agreement

Clinical Trial Research Agreement Information

Electronic Medical Records 

The Oncology Trials Unit utilises an electronic Medical Record (MosaiqTM). This has been assessed to comply with the FDA code 21 CFR part 11.

Clinical Research Associates performing source data verification using Mosaiq will be given personalised username and password to access read only patient data.  It is to be noted that the trial unit monitors patient access of CRAs on a regular basis to ensure compliance and patient privacy.

CRA facilities for monitoring visits

We have hot desks available with computers to access our electronic medical records.

All attempts will be made to accommodate monitoring visits within two weeks of first patient on study. Otherwise CRA’s need to book monitoring visits at least 4 weeks in advance.