Gordon Bradley Lowe Library

The Royal Hospital for Wome's Library provides information and library services for health professionals and students.

It is a specialised collection on obstetrics, gynaecology, neonatology, reproductive medicine, obstetrics anaesthesia, midwifery and related nursing specialities, women?s health and the history of women?s health care.

The library is named after Dr Gordon Bradley Lowe who served on the Hospital staff from 1923 until 1949 and whose widow donated funds to develop the library in 1964.

The library is open to staff of the Royal Hospital for Women, medical students of the University of New South Wales, staff of the Local Health Network and staff and students of other medical or educational institutions.  Access is possible by the general public but the collection is not geared to general consumer health information.

Book loans and the use of computer facilities are only available to staff of the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District and students.


The Local Health District Online Catalogue can be accessed from the home page on the intranet.  Simply click on Library Service, then on Area Libraries Catalogue.  It lists all resources in all libraries within the Local Health Network;  look for the RHW location.  You can request an item from one of the libraries directly from the catalogue;  simply follow the links.  There is also an up to date printed list of all journals held in the RHW Library.

Current journals are shelved alphabetically by title.  Older journals are mostly held in the Archives Room and can be obtained by asking the Librarian.  These titles are indicated on the printed catalogue.

Reference ? up to date editions of standard medical reference texts and textbooks which are constantly used or consulted by the RHW staff.  These items are not for loan.

Lending ? these may be borrowed for three weeks.  Your RHW staff or student identification is required for lending.  Please see the Librarian to borrow a book.  High demand student texts cannot be renewed and are limited to two per person.

Research and historical ? older texts, historical material, research publications in specialised areas of obstetrics and gynaecology.  These items are available for three week loan;  please speak to the Librarian.

Note:  books are not available to members of the public

The NSW Health Department?s Clinical Information Access Program (CIAP) provides access to database, online textbooks and journals, clinical guidelines and more, for health professionals in public health services in NSW.  It can be accessed from the LHN intranet home page (follow the links from the Clinical Information button) or from your home computer.  The RHW login and password can be obtained from the Librarian.


Reference queries and research :  please contact the Librarian for help with research or information queries.

Interlibrary loans:  the Library can obtain a copy of an article or loan of a book not held on the Randwick Campus, using national and international resources.  Please note there may be a charge for some hard to obtain items or fast track services.  Request forms can be obtained from the Library.  You can request items held in other libraries directly from the online catalogue.

Current awareness service: A digest of article citations and news on women?s health can be set up for you on request using RSS feeds. Major weeklies such as the British Medical Journal and the Lancet and other journals on obstetrics, gynaecology, midwifery, neonatology and women?s health are included. RSS alerts may also be setup up for you by topic in your area of interest. Contact Librarian for help with this service.

Journals contents pages: copies of contents pages of new journal issues received in the Library can be sent to you.  Contents pages can also be emailed to you directly from many publishers? websites;  please ask the Librarian how to arrange this.

Literature and database searches:  the Librarian will run database searches on request.

Tuition:  regular sessions on database searching and using CIAP are held in the Library Computer Room.  Individual tuition, or in-service sessions for your unit or department can also be arranged on request.
Endnote: Endnote is a commercial reference management software package, used to
manage bibliographies and references when writing essays and articles. The Librarian will run Endnote sessions on request.
Photocopying: photocopy cards can be purchased from the Librarian for $5 (50 pages) and $10 (100 pages).  The cards can also be arranged on request.
Computer facilities:  There are six computers in the Library computer room which are provided and maintained by the University of New South Wales Biomedical Library.  The computers may be used by staff and students in the RHW for work or study related purposes only.
Telephone: the telephone in the computer room has internal access only and may be used for answering pages.
Prince of Wales and Sydney Children?s Hospital Library: Staff on the Randwick Hospitals Campus may also use the Prince of Wales and Sydney Children?s Hospital Library located in the Edmund Blacket Building.  This is a large medical and nursing library covering all the specialties of both of these hospitals.
The RHW Museum: Historical artefacts and publications relating to the history of obstetrics and the Royal Hospital for Women are located within the Library as well as inside the Lecture Theatre. 
Pathology: The Pathology exhibits are housed in the Archives room within the Library and may be viewed by staff and students on request.