Medical Complications of Pregnancy Clinic

Conducted by Obstetricians

You will usually be referred to the Medical Complications of Pregnancy Clinic since you either have a pre-existing medical condition or you have developed a medical condition during the course of your pregnancy.  We see a large variety of conditions affecting many different body systems: heart, lungs, kidneys, immune system, intestinal system and so on.  You may also be referred to the clinic because you had a complicated previous pregnancy or if you are considering a pregnancy and have a pre-existing medical disease.

We manage your pregnancy in tandem with your other specialists :  this may be a doctor from a different hospital or outside unit or may be one of the Obstetric Physicians or specialists within the Royal Hospital for Women.

We will make a plan of management with you and your other doctors and will document that in your notes and on your antenatal card.  You can then be clear what the plan for your pregnancy and delivery is.  We will sometimes share care with a midwifery team or doctors in another hospital or your GP.