Employment opportunities

Junior Medical Officers

The Department of Newborn Care at the Royal Hospital for Women has employment opportunities for junior medical officers (JMOs) at several levels. The training program is accredited for 2 years with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) for perinatal/neonatal training (including the requisite surgical component). There are opportunities for secondment to other facilities e.g. the Royal North Shore Hospital and the NSW newborn and paediatric Emergency Transport Service (NETS).  

Provisional fellows

Provisional fellows are advanced trainees in neonatology who have completed the exit exam of an appropriate paediatric training scheme. The four neonatal fellows rotate through a combination of NICU, special care nursery, postnatal wards and clinics, evening shifts and protected research time. They provide support and training for onsite registrars and are first on-call from home after hours (with the support of the attending neonatologist). Each fellow is expected to complete, with appropriate support, at least one publishable research project.  

NICU registrars and residents

Registrars and residents are rostered on site for 13 hour shifts in the NICU. Please see the roster for specific duties and times. Residents are seconded from the Sydney Children’s Hospital and from the Obstetrics department at the Royal Hospital for Women. Registrars may be seconded from Sydney Children’s Hospital or employed directly from the Royal Hospital for Women.  The rotation is accredited for both basic and advanced training with the RACP.

A resident is also rotated to the postnatal wards from 7am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday and from 7am to 11am on the weekends to manage the healthy well babies. 


The NICUs of NSW recruit provisional fellows through a combined recruitment process. Allocation of hospitals is based on a combination of candidate’s preference, placement in the interview process and training needs. Registrars are recruited via a separate interview process conducted by the Royal Hospital for Women. Secondments can be discussed on an individual basis. 

International medical graduates

There are certain prerequisites for candidates outside Australia who wish to obtain further experience as a JMO in neonatology at the Royal Hospital for Women. The completion of paperwork for visa and registration requirements often takes considerable time so be well prepared! Please refer to the website: http://www.ahpra.gov.au/  for more information, or email Dr Ju Lee Oei or Dr Parag Mishra