Royal Hospital for Women NCC Contact/Visiting Information

You may call NCC at any time during your baby?s stay on the following number:
NCC Reception:  02 9382-6160

If you are calling from your hospital room, the extension numbers are:
26160 (reception) or 26170 (level IIA) or 26180 (level III) or 26173 (Transitional Care).

We do not give information to any person but Mum or Dad.  Please ask your family and friends to call you for any information.

The visiting rules are displayed at the entrance to NCC.  These rules have been formulated to give the most protection to babies while allowing parents to see their baby as much as they need. 

There is a ?quiet time? between 1pm and 3pm, coinciding with quiet time on the postnatal wards, when we encourage mothers to rest. We ask you not to visit at this time as we dim the lights and allow the babies to also rest. 

We do not encourage you to bring in visitors who are not closely related to your baby, due to the risk of infection for all of the babies.  Children are not permitted unless they are brothers or sisters of your baby, as children often carry germs which can place babies at risk of infection.

Only two visitors per baby are allowed at any one time, as there is not enough space to allow room for more.  The two people must include one of the parents:  anybody visiting without a parent present will be asked to leave. 

Every person coming into the unit must meticulously wash their hands, even when not touching babies. 

We ask that you stay with your own baby and do not wander around the nursery, as babies (and their parents) are entitled to privacy.  Any special visiting requests must be discussed with nursing staff beforehand to avoid confusion and disappointment.