Coaching for Better Health Outcomes - Manager as Coach

Understanding what makes each of your team members tick and motivates them to be their best is integral to successful management and leadership. Developing your skills as a coach will help you become a happier, healthier and more productive manager and leader.

The Coaching for Better Health Outcomes (CFBHO) program not only develops clinical skills around patient goals, but also supports managers in enabling the conditions for high performing teams through quality conversations and strong relationships.

The CFBHO program is contextualised according to the needs of the participants attending, with a focus on promoting the transfer of skills into ‘real world’ practice in the workplace from the first day, whether that be with teams, colleagues or patients.

The skills developed throughout the program are in line with the SESLHD Journey to Excellence Purpose and Strategies 2018 - 2021, of enabling our community to be healthy and well, and to provide the best possible compassionate care when people need it

As a manager, you will be encouraged to add coaching to your communication skills ‘toolbox’ while developing, interacting with, and supervising the individuals in your team.

Practice is integral to learning and, as a participant in the CFBHO program, you are required to conduct 3x1 hour monthly coaching practice sessions to embed coaching as a way of being in your workplace.

In this video, Kath - Patient Experience Manager, shares how coaching conversations bring value to her daily work and teams.