Improvement Academy

Bronze Level Improvement Training

Bronze Level Training is an short two module online program that was specifically designed for SESLHD staff. The purpose of the course is to provide staff with a common set of techniques to achieve improvements in care.

Bronze Level Improvement Training will provide you with foundation knowledge on:

  • The Model for Improvement
  • Dimensions of quality
  • Taking a person-centred approach
  • Systems thinking
  • Aim statements
  • Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle
  • Measuring for improvement

Who is the course for?

Bronze Level Training is open to all staff within SESLHD. Bronze Level Training is a foundation course that will introduce you to the science of improvement and kick start your journey of improvement. 

How to access the course

To become a qualified at Bronze Level you must complete both module 1 and 2.

You can register and complete Bronze Level Training via My Health Learning, course code 89021683.

To find out more information, please contact the Improvement Team on 95407510 or via email