Medical Executive Directorate

The Medical Executive Directorate is a SESLHD Directorate established in mid-2015.

The role of the directorate in SESLHD is:

  • To be the voice of the Medical Staff at the facility level to drive and help to implement quality and improvement across the district
  • To lead the medical governance mechanisms for clinical quality
  • To engage Medical Staff to collaborate with organisational efforts to improve patient safety and quality of care
  • To improve the appropriateness of clinical services
  • To ensure that junior doctors are engaged in all aspects of quality improvement and LHD clinical policy
  • To govern district wide committees and processes, including:
    • SESLHD Clinical and Quality Council
    • SESLHD Clinical Stream Advisory Committee
    • Drug and Quality Use of Medicines 
    • JMO Leadership Committees
    • Medical Imaging Governance Committee
    • Clinical Innovation & Research Translation (CIRT) 
    • District Forms Committee
    • New Interventions Assessment Process (NIAP)
    • Health Records and Medicolegal Committee
    • Recruitment and local recruitment policy for all medical staff, including the Senior Medical and Dental Officer Appointment Advisory Committee (MDAAC)
  • To lead and support district and site-based improvement projects, including:
    • End of Life Care Plan 2018-2020 and the M&M improvement project
    • Service Rationalisation Project
    • Advanced Recovery Orthopaedic Program (AROP)
    • Global Trigger Tool / Pascal Metrics
    • Cancer Services Review
    • Diabetes Project