Expert Reviewer Nomination

To help expedite the scientific review of your submission please nominate two candidate peer reviewers whom the HREC may call upon to assess scientific aspects of your proposal. 

Researchers can nominate two suitable experts reviewers who are not involved in the study i.e. do not have a conflict of interest.  

In your cover letter please give the person’s name, name of their institution, email address and telephone number of each nominee.  Please specify which of the nominees you would prefer us to contact in the first instance.  Please inform the nominees that they may be contacted by the secretariat of the SESLHD HREC to review your project.

Why? The National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research page 77 states that ‘human research must meet relevant scholarly or scientific standards’ . The SESLHD HREC has a Scientific Review sub-Committee(SRC); the role of the SRC is to advise the HREC on the scientific value, methodological validity and safety of research applications.  On occasions the members of the SRC may require input from a reviewer with specific expertise or specialist knowledge.  By nominating expert reviewers you have the opportunity to have input from a peer of your choice and expedite the ethical approval process.

Who?  Each nominee must have expertise relevant to your research project, must not be directly involved in the planning or running of your project, must be willing to sign a declaration that they do not have a conflict of interest and agree to keep confidential all information provided to them.

If you are unable to provide details of suitable expert reviewers then please contact the RSO to discuss the issue DO NOT POSTPONE submitting your application.