Honorary Research Associate Application

Any Investigator or research personnel who are not employed at SESLHD must apply for an Honorary Research Associate Appointment if the project involves any of the following:

  • Coming on site to conduct any part of the study;
  • Having contact with patients;
  • Accessing patient identifiable data.

Please note, ILP students are not required to complete an application. 

Please find all required documents below.

Before you submit an HRA application

  • Please refer to guidance on the Appointment of Honorary Research Associate - Information Sheet and additional documents listed below;
  • Check if the application form is completed, signed and all required documents provided;
  • Check if the 100 point check form complete and certified copies (signed by JP) of ID provided.
    You can come into the RSO office, if you are local, with your original ID for one of our officers to view and sign the 100 point check form. Copies of ID will be made for our records. Alternatively, the study supervisor/investigator/Head of Department at the site can view original documents and sign the 100 point check form plus provide photocopy of ID to our office.
  • If any documents in the package are not required please note reasons in the submission email or on the application form. For example, Working with Children check not required as the study does not involve children etc.

Email applications to SESLHD-RSO@health.nsw.gov.au 

Honorary Research Associate Application Documents

All documents required for Honorary Research Associate Applications can be found here.