Winter Appeal 2024

The St George Hospital Winter 2024 Appeal has launched.

This year, St George Hospital is aiming to raise $16,000 to purchase a bladder scanner for the St George Hospital Radiation Oncology Service. 

What is Radiation Therapy? 

Radiation therapy is used to cure disease, reduce symptoms such as pain, and prevent disease recurrence. Radiation therapy is a specific and targeted treatment which means it generally only affect the part of the body requiring treatment. 

What does a bladder scanner do? 

The bladder scanner is a portable ultrasound unit which provides a quick and accurate reading of the fluid level in a patient’s bladder. In order to deliver precise radiotherapy, it is important the tumour is in the same place within the body at each visit. Varying levels of bladder filling can cause the tumour to move and reduce the accuracy of treatment. The bladder scanner resolves this issue. 

Who will it help the most? 

Many common cancers such as prostate, cervix and bowel cancer will greatly benefit from this piece of equipment. Your contribution will assist our highly skilled radiation oncology team continue to provide leading treatment to our patients undergoing cancer treatment at our Hospital. 


How to Donate

Click here to donate to the Winter Appeal 2024 via the NSW Health Donation Portal.

Follow the prompts below to donate to the Area of Support option "Area of greatest need".

NSW Health Donation Portal

Donations over $2.00 are fully tax-deductible and we will send you a receipt for this purpose.

Thank you for your support of St George Hospital.