BPT Term Rotations

Terms over the two years of basic physician training are allocated to ensure a balance of training and service, and exposure to rural general medicine, metropolitan and teaching hospital general and sub specialty medicine.

The trainee's preference, previous term exposure and timing of the FRACP examinations are taken into consideration when terms are allocated across the Network to maximise training needs and breadth of experience for trainees. All trainees sitting the Physician’s exam will be offered 12 months Sydney metropolitan based experience leading up to the FRACP clinical examination.


Metropolitan Hospitals

St George Hospital: Aged Care (3), Cardiology (2), Gastroenterology (1), Haematology (1), ICU (1), Immunology / Infectious Diseases (1), Medical Oncology (2), Neurology (2), Renal (1), Respiratory (1.5), Relief / Nights (12.5)

Sutherland Hospital: Aged Care (4), Cardiology (1), Gastroenterology (1), Haematology/Med Oncology (1), Neurology (1), Respiratory (2), Renal/Endocrine (1)


Rural Hospitals

Coffs Harbour Hospital: General Medicine/ Respiratory (1), General Medicine/Gastroenterology (1), General Medicine (1), Renal (1), MedOncology / Haematology (1), Palliative Care / General Medicine (1)

Shoalhaven: General Medicine (6)


Total Network terms: 51 
Total Metropolitan terms: 39 
Total Rural terms: 12