Breastfeeding/Lactation Information and Support Service - BLISS

Our breastfeeding service, BLISS, is staffed by a team of dedicated and experienced Lactation Consultants.

BLISS offers private antenatal consultations for pregnant women who are concerned about their ability to successfully breastfeed their baby, due to their surgical or medical history, or previous challenging breastfeeding experiences. Call prior to 30 weeks gestation to book an appointment.

BLISS also covers in-patients who are experiencing complex feeding issues as well as outpatients in the first two weeks after birth.

Clinics: Seven days per week (excluding public holidays and leave)

Appointments/Enquiries: 9113 2053 (If no reply in 24 hours page 9113 1111 pager 181 between 9 and 3pm).


BLISS Brochure



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