Gynaecology / Extended Day Only – 1 West

1 West at St George is an 18 bed unit which encompasses 10 Gynaecology beds and 8 Extended Day Only (EDO) beds.

The Gynaecology section offers a variety of services to women who require surgical or medical treatment of conditions relating to Womens Health. These services include Gynaecology Oncology, Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, General Gynaecology Surgery, Medical Management of Ectopic Pregnancies and Management of Complications related to Assisted Reproductive Technology. 

The EDO section of the ward is utilised for patients who require a 23 hour length of stay. These are generally patients who undergo Laparoscopic Surgery or minor procedures who are required to stay in hospital overnight.

Experienced staff offer an exceptional high standard of care for patients coming to our unit which is patient focused, warm, caring and friendly with safety being of utmost importance.  

For Gynaecology appointments please see your GP for a referral. Send referral to either fax (02) 9113 3765 or email to: An appointment will be made and a confirmation letter will be sent to you.