Stepping On

Stepping On

Stepping On is an exciting, friendly and FREE community program run in a number of locations through our health district. The program will teach you how to reduce your risk of falling and maximise your independence and ability to do everyday activities.


Any one who is: 
•    70 years and older
•    Living at home 
•    Able to walk independently or with a walking stick
•    Fearful of falling or has fallen recently 
•    Able to participate in a group 

•    Home hazard awareness
•    Moving safely in the community
•    Safe footwear
•    Nutrition and bone health
•    Vision 
•    Medication management 
•    Leg strength and balance exercises 
•    Getting up after a fall.

•    1 in 3 people aged 65 years and over fall each year
•    Falls are the leading cause of hospital admissions for older people
•    Falls can reduce mobility and independence
•    Remaining active can prevent you from falling.

Phone number: 1800 823 002
Fax number:  9540 8292