Adult Community Mental Health Service

What we do?

Community Mental Health Services are distinct from inpatient mental health services and play a vital role in supporting people between 18 to 65 years old with a severe mental illness and psychiatric disability throughout the recovery process.

Community Mental Health Services support people with psychiatric disability to manage their self-care, improve social and relationship skills and achieve broader quality of life via physical health, social connectedness, housing, education and employment.

What to expect?

Our multidisciplinary team offers:

  • Time limited packages of care relating to the mental health issues
  • Bilingual Clinicians in Spanish, Greek, Russian and Mandarin. Healthcare interpreter services are also available for other languages.
  • Strengths assessments and personal recovery plans
  • Psychological Interventions
  • Rehabilitation services including job seeking
  • Education about mental health
  • GP partnerships and information on medications
  • Support services for consumers, their families and/or their carer.