Alex Kiss

Environmental Health Officer (Tobacco Compliance)

SESLHD Public Health Unit

“I’m generally out and about, looking at smoke free zones and tobacco compliance. I visit pubs, clubs, licensed premises, restaurants and cafes, giving guidance and compliance of where people can smoke and where they can’t.  I’ll go and inspect tobacco retailers, tobacconists, newsagents, convenience stores and supermarkets, checking for compliance with the strict tobacco laws. That’s in regard to packaging, displaying tobacco and smoking accessories, signage and advertising, and more recently checking illegal tobacco - tobacco that hasn’t got the required health warnings with the graphic pictorials.  We have the power to seize those products and they generally result in prosecutions.  I carry the whole job right through. There’s a lot of court work involved. 

The other important area is sales to minors.  We really strictly enforce that. We use volunteer kids. I’ve got one daughter and she wanted to do it. The fourth shop in, a tobacconist, someone sold her a packet of cigarettes. She must have got around 40 – 50 sales with her and her friends over a number of years.  They’re volunteers, but they get milkshakes, morning teas and food. That was really special being able work with your child, and them seeing what you do.  I can still share stories with her and she can relate to my job.”