Ann De-Belin

Clinical Nurse Consultant

Child and Family Health Sutherland 

“I have a lovely role. My role is about supporting the great work of the child and family health nurses who are out in our community.  It’s about giving them policies or clinical frameworks to keep their roles safe and educating them on any changes.

What really matters to me is supporting the staff; being compassionate, reflective, caring and nurturing. It means that in turn they will give their very best to our client families. A person-centred approach is really important to me. I’ve been very fortunate to come from child and family health, midwifery and a mental health background. It’s really nice to merge all those together.

I think being a parent is really rewarding, but it’s also a challenging lifelong commitment. Parenting comes with a whole roller-coaster of emotions. You can’t do it on your own; it’s OK to ask for help. Particularly in this Local Health District there are some wonderful supports for families. So don’t be too proud to ask for help and support.”