Ann Hodge

Ann Hodge.jpg

Nurse Manager, Operational Nurse Support

Sydney Hospital / Sydney Eye Hospital 

“My current role is Nurse Manager - Operational Nurse Support. This is a dynamic role that supports nursing and hospital-wide governance through the management of policy and business rules , risk management and  participating in implementation of quality & safety new initiatives, such as Patient Opinion. I am also the Operational Lead for National Safety and Quality Health Service Standard 6 (Clinical Handover).

What really matters to me is great patient care and good outcomes for our patients. By embracing patient feedback through Patient Opinion and other sources, the hospital is able to continue to improve our patient care. We’ve had fantastic feedback from patients. This way, the next person that comes to the hospital has a better experience. I’m proud to say that Sydney Hospital & Sydney Eye Hospital won the 2017 Patient Association Award as the best city hospital in Australia.

Patient Opinion stories are a source of great feedback, some complimentary, others with real messages for improvement and some very light-hearted and insightful into the patients journey. There was one story from a scientist with a whole foolscap page from his scientific point of view about his cataract surgery. We found it quite fascinating actually.”