Belinda Elwin

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Senior Dietitian 

War Memorial Hospital 

“I work closely with patients, their families and carers in an aged care and rehabilitation setting. My goal is to optimise their nutrition to help maintain their quality of life. I work out what’s important to them - often its strength, preventing falls and energy levels - and I base my education around that.

Malnutrition is one of the main issues with the older demographic.  Unfortunately their appetite goes and with so many other medical issues, nutrition isn’t a main concern.  We focus on foods that are rich in protein and energy and it’s about getting the most bang for their buck in what they are eating. Fish, chicken, meat, eggs and carbohydrates like potatoes are good, then trying to fortify foods with extra protein and energy where possible.  

Families definitely bring in food and it is something I encourage. I think being empathetic to patients and their situation matters to me most.  Often I will get to see a patient from point of admission right through to home visits after discharge. It’s really rewarding being a part of that. They’re so happy to be back at home and still seeing me.”