Brenton Ciani

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Emergency Department 

Prince of Wales Hospital 

“As an emergency department clinical nurse specialist, I’m expected to work in all areas of the department. I need to have broad knowledge as there is a multitude of specialities. I have a masters in emergency nursing and I’m thinking about further studies, something to do with health management. It was by chance I got into emergency and loved it. I think it suits my personality. You have to be a pretty unique personality to work in ED. It’s so busy.

Being at Randwick, we get a lot of people in from the beach. I remember an international student who drowned and we, as a team, worked extremely hard on him. He was travelling alone and had nobody in Australia. He survived and I went up and said hello to him in ICU a couple of days later. He was doing extremely well, planning to be discharged and he made a full recovery. I think with our location and our specialities like hyperbaric and emergency intensive care, a really complex case had a really good outcome. It was challenging, but as a department we managed it really well.”