Cagla Sanli

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Youth Consumer, Play Safe Summer Peer Educator, Health Promotion

HIV and Related Programs (HARP) Unit

“My role as a peer educator and youth advisor is to provide health information to other young people.  I can spend several hours at an outreach shift walking around and talking to people, or I attend events where the Play Safe Stall is set up with fun activities and STI testing.  

What matters most to me at work is being fun and accepting of everyone.  No two people I have met have been the same. Getting to have conversations and find out firsthand what it is that youth want to know and already know is important for me.  I can then discuss with them various topics such as sexual health, alcohol and drug safety and STI testing.

I recently talked with two school girls that had not been given much general health education. They were excited to try the Play Safe website and use the quiz to test their knowledge. They were going to be 16 soon, so I was able to explain Medicare cards and how they can go for check-ups at GP’s who bulk bill. This led to a discussion around how easy an STI test is. Being able to advise young people to make better informed health decisions makes me really happy.”