Cheryl Smith

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Clinical Nurse Educator, Extended Community Care

St George Hospital 

“I provide educational support for the quick response program, community nursing and the central intake centre. I work with a great team, so that makes it very easy to come to work. On any given day there are stories coming back from the nurses in the community. We tend to share the laughter and the tears. 

Once I went out with a nurse for a complex dressing on an older gentleman’s leg.  He had recently been released from hospital after surgery. His first question was ‘Can I go ballroom dancing tomorrow night?’ He was dead-set serious about wanting to get back into it.  He could hardly walk, let alone dance. We all had a laugh and in the end we suggested if he wanted to go, he would have to take both of us with him. 

I hope that every day I can make some difference, whether it be to a colleague, a patient or to workflow.”