Clinics and Services - KRC

Kirketon Road Centre provides free, anonymous services and client confidentiality is rigorously maintained. You don't need a Medicare card or an appointment. Just drop in and see us when you need!

Our Groups

We run the following groups for particular needs:

  • Women's Health
  • SMART Recovery
  • Mythbusters
  • Consumer Participation

Where we go

We also run clinics in the following locations

Clinic 180

Kirketon's Road's late-opening clinic offering services by appointment.


Kirketon Road Centre offers Psychiatry services.


Kirketon Road Centre offers Antenatal services.

Healthy Liver Clinic

Get info, assessment and monitoring of hep C, hep B and liver disease.

Deadly Liver Mob

Hep C advice and screening over a yarn for First Nations people.

Injecting Centre Doctor

See a Kirketon Road doctor for free at the injecting centre on Darlinghurst Rd.

Homeless Health

Kirketon Road Centre offers health services for homeless people.

NUAA Needle Exchange Outreach

See a free Kirketon Road nurse at NUAA needle exchange in Surry Hills.

Edward Eager

Kirketon Road Centre offers services at Edward Eager.

Youth Outreach

Free and confidential nurse-led services for young people in two locations.

KRC South

Needle and Syringe Program at Sutherland Hospital.