Dan Shaw

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Innovation Manager

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

“As the Innovation Manager, I work across the District with teams to think about the care they deliver in new, creative and different ways. There’s lots of wonderful ideas.  With innovation it’s all about taking those ideas and testing them.

An example is the Steady Steps program run out of Southcare at Sutherland. It’s a dance program for falls prevention.  Brilliant idea. It’s a fun, exciting way of engaging people while giving them some of those health messages.

Recently I was invited down to participate in a dance class. It was so much fun. Seeing the social connectedness of the participants, the confidence they have to meet new people.  Social isolation is a huge thing, especially in an elderly population and the participants have formed this little community together around this program. It’s so inspiring.  It was a nice reminder that even though I’m not there at the coalface, what I do positively impacts on people’s lives.”