Dee Holland

Clinical Nurse Consultant

ADAHPS (AIDS Dementia and HIV Psychiatry Service)

“I’m a case manager. I have an allocated number of clients to visit and support through their complex health and psychosocial needs. We’re a State-wide service, so it might be metro or regional. I feel very privileged to work with people in the community, because I have the luxury of getting to know them on a very personal level. These people are, on the whole, very open and accepting that I’m going to come into their life and find out all these really personal things.

All of my clients have cognitive impairment related to the HIV virus. They range from having mild impairment to HIV-associated dementia. The aim of the service is to keep people living independently, rather than going to nursing homes, especially as some of our clients are young and it’s not suitable for their needs.

Client outcomes are essentially what matters the most to me at work. Sometimes it’s assisting them to get out into the community to have a cup of coffee with somebody. It’s a really big thing for them and their wellbeing,”