Dr Jason Chow

Gynaecologist and Pain Specialist

Royal Hospital for Women.

“I wear a couple of hats that combine quite well. I’m a gynaecologist and I’m also a qualified pain specialist. Where it comes together is when women have pelvic pain and their condition often falls between specialties.

A lot of women will tell you they receive a lack of validation around their pain. It’s challenging because the model of understanding pain is still set in the last century and changing that is going to take time. The people who are motivated the most are the patients, who push the change. What matters most to me is making sure we keep our care patient focused.

The Royal still feels very much like home. Even though it’s a big hospital, I think there’s still some very nice friendships here. Some staff have seen me from when I was quite junior and now they know I have my own family and always ask after them. I have given care to staff, their children and even their grandchildren. To have that level of relationships with staff in the hospital is lovely.”