Gary Gahan

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Projects Manager 

Kirketon Road Centre

“What matters most to me is fairness.  The whole concept of equity is really important, it frames the way we do our business and it’s a key reason why I work at Kirketon Road. For the last 20 years I’ve worked in the area of harm reduction. I think issues around social isolation, poverty, social exclusion, stigma and discrimination are all responsibilities that health workers have to address in their work and I’m really interested in practical ways to make access to healthcare as easy as possible.

One morning I came in and one of our clients had the fire hose stuffed down the toilet, so water was spraying everywhere. I asked ‘Can I help you?’ and he said ‘Just cleaning your toilets mate’. So I was like, alright come on out, thanks for that, we’ll sort it out. Then I got the mop out and I’m cleaning the toilets and I thought ‘one part of my work is negotiating with senior managers and the next minute I’m cleaning the toilet’. I think yeah, it’s alright, I quite like this job.” Gary Gahan, Projects Manager, Kirketon Road Centre.”